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Xylexpo - Messezentrum Mailand

24.05.2016 - 28.05.2016
Hall 1 - Booth G30
Web: http://www.xylexpo.com

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Three essential and sustainable factors form the basis of the success for ARMINIUS and its customers:

1) Our high standard of knowledge and broad-based experience in the field of woodworking machinery as the basis for the application of our sanding systems.

2) Expertise in wide-ranging production technologies. Assistance for all customers in the application of ARMINIUS products and ongoing user support.

3) Help in achieving optimized finish processing and improvement in the quality of customer products processed using ARMINIUS technology.

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Phone:+49 (0)5231 94 55 0

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Team USA

Phone:+1 320 294 5900

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Arminius Schleifmittel GmbH

Textured brushes
The surfaces of genuine wood fronts, solid or veneered, are being increasingly structured for emphasising the authenticity of materials and also for achieving interesting elements of design. Structuring relates to the brushing out of the soft young wood growth rings and maintaining the late wood growth rings to create a depth effect on the wood structure. more ...
The new tool for large decorative profiles and deep inner contours
Through the use of CNC routers there are practically no limits to the design process. We see this more and more with customer requests for special tools in relevant profile dimensions of diameter and height and sanding areas to the center of rotation. more ...
ARMINIUS is now AEO-certified!
AEO signifie Opérateur Economique Agréé (OEA). Le but de cette initiative de l'UE est d'empêcher les pratiques commerciales non transparentes dans un monde globalisé et de rendre les chaînes d'approvisionnement internationales plus transparentes et donc plus sûres. more ...
Sanding unit ASyMM
Sanding unit ASyMM ASyMM is the ideal complement to your ARMINIUS products. ASyMM enables you to integrate your profile finishing into existing machine systems.

The tool spindle is self-tracing. Lateral tolerances caused by processing or tension curvature in the workpiece or due to non-linear progression of the feed system are automatically compensated. more ...
CF/SCR profile sanding tooling system
CF/SCR profile sanding tooling system ARMINIUS CF/SCR double combination sanding tools
Wide-ranging scope for combination: One profile comprising 2 individual tools

3 x 3 qualities for 3 x 3 performance requirements:
For fitting with individual segments capable of working with three different basic systems. more ...
UNI-Line profile sandingsystem
UNI-Line profile sandingsystem ARMINIUS UNI-Line profile sanding tooling system
Universal sanding tool with combination facility for all profile sanding requirements.

and – with the relevant equipment – for industrial operation on CNC throughfeed machines and automatic moulders to a high standard of precision and outstanding footage. High-grade abrasive on a cloth backing, pre-fabricated and firmly bonded to a more ...